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Participating, responding and otherwise being present in:

festivals, conferences, workshops, projects, symposia, exhibitions

As an ‘Observer in Residence’, I am able to see the process of a project from an outsiders perspective – not part of the organising team and not a normal participant. I attempt to be a neutral presence, a clear eye into the evolution of the event, how it is placed and received in the surrounding environment and how the various participants interact amongst each other and the space.

Outputs can include: photographs, conversations, writings, thoughts, webpages, secrets, labor, arguments, books, future plans

➙ Observer-in-Residence Methodology

I've been an Observer at:

Necessary Discourse on Hysteria, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, 2008

Off Limits International Dance and Theatre Festival and Symposium, Dortmund, Germany, 2007

TransyMusic, Tirgu Mures, Romania, 2007

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